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General worker dispatching business authorization [General 23-300761] / Paid employment placement business license [ 23- yu -300 943]
OUR GROUP : Japan J-Lab L-Lab. JTC / Vietnam Comming soon
Headquarter / Tokai branch office :  株式会社ジャパン・テクノ
〒446-0058 Aichi Prefecture Anjo City Mikawa-anjo Minami-cho 1-15-10
TEL.(0566)76-2545 FAX.(0566)76-2527
Kansai Branch Office:         株式会社ジャパン・テクノ
〒533-0033 Osaka, Osaka-city Higashiyodogawa District Higashinakashima 2-8-8
Workstation ShinOsaka 13F
TEL.06-6829-6402 FAX.06-6829-6403
Kanto Branch Office:         株式会社ジャパン・テクノ
〒108-0014 Tokyo Minato-ku Shiba, 5-29-20
CrossofficeMita 2F, 8F
TEL.03-6809-5458 FAX.03-6809-5459