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「Machanical Design」
The field of mechanical design that we handle is an automobile industry such as aircraft and industrial machinery. In an automotive field, we deal with transmission, brake design and development. In the aircraft sector, we deal with a cockpit, interior and exterior parts, fire protection anti-icing system development. We always put the needs of the times into consideration. We established a support system using many other professional high-end 3-D CAD like CATIA-V5, solidworks, NX essential, the programs essential for design and development. In addition, we also have technology support services in order to increase the productivity and quality of the design and development.


Machanical Design01
Automobile& Other Special Vehicles
Automobile engine, transmission, gear, brake, door handle, sunroof design & development, automobile parts cutting, welding, assemble design & development, production line installation, relocation etc. production support, resin/ aluminum mold design
Mechanical design02
Aircraft and related items
cockpit, interior and exterior parts, fire protection anti-icing system design development
機械設計 電話デジタルカメラ
Mechanical design03
Industrial Machinery
Cutting tool, gear cut processing equipment, transportation equipment, inspection equipment design & development
機械設計 電話デジタルカメラ
Mechanical design04
Nursing product
Design and development of bathroom, toilet, product used for nursing support
Mechanical design05
Electrical tools
Design and development of electrical driver/ drill, high air compression tool/ vacuum, electrical mower


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