Overseas Project

Global Human Resource Development /
Expansion of overseas business

Recently, localization by Japanese domestic manufacturers becomes more and more popular and overseas human resources’ demand spikes. In addition, due to Japan's population decline and the need to retain human resources from English-speaking countries, overseas workers have become necessary.
At Japan techno, we manage `Foreigner education and training` and `Foreigner local hiring` and continue to expand our scope of business. Please let us help you to create a friendlier and more supportive work-environment for you.


General worker dispatching business authorization [General 23-300761] / Paid employment placement business license [ 23- yu -300 943]
OUR GROUP : Japan J-Lab L-Lab. JTC / Vietnam Comming soon
Headquarter / Tokai branch office :  株式会社ジャパン・テクノ
〒446-0058 Aichi Prefecture Anjo City Mikawa-anjo Minami-cho 1-15-10
TEL.(0566)76-2545 FAX.(0566)76-2527
Kansai Branch Office:        株式会社ジャパン・テクノ
〒532-0011 5-6-13 Nishinakajima Yodogawa-ku Osaka-shi, OSAKA
Shinosakamiyuki building 4F
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Kanto Branch Office:         株式会社ジャパン・テクノ
〒108-0014 Tokyo Minato-ku Shiba, 5-29-20
CrossofficeMita 2F, 8F
TEL.03-6809-5458 FAX.03-6809-5459