TRAINING/ Staff support


The engineers must have human relation skill not only engineering skill. We offer the following training, which can help them grow up as members of the society. ※ This training has been carried out in partnership with external organizations.


Technical skill training
Our Company started an education program for network and server engineers, with various course depending on the required technology at each working site, there is also an education on the computer language of development. This is not only the training at the beginning of the job, we will also continue to educate you after you are out in the working field!

Server/network training



We have a fulfilling "Employee Support" system such as employees’ backup and follow-up system

In our company, we also focus on follow-up after staffs got the job, we have established an efficient backup system. We rely more on correspondence education or real education on CAD software practicing than on the job training(OJT). In addition, we have a meeting each month with each of staffs to measure their improvement on engineering skill. We listen to their opinion about their working environment and client’s company, so we could help them adjust to the environment. In addition, in order to create engineers that could use their skill efficiently, we frequently repeat both technical follow-up and mental follow-up for staffs. Focusing on creating these employees’ supporting environment, we believe that this will lead to a paid service for our clients.



General worker dispatching business authorization [General 23-300761] / Paid employment placement business license [ 23- yu -300 943]
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