Life Time

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  • 仲間と創造する未来
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ジャパン・テクノ メンバー

Selection of the working style to suit a lifestyle and life cycle of individuals has become possible in this modern time.

Being always entrusted with the task of responsibility as an engineer, sometimes there is also tough time. However, there are always friends and family who help support.

Our employees who think that if their private life is good, they can work wholeheartedly are all thrive at their private life. We often hear a story about employees hanging out, playing futsal together or employees who love bike going on a road trip with one another.

ジャパン・テクノ メンバー

While each employee has responsibility on the job, they someday will have to have families, marry someone and bring up a child. They must do nursing care, career development, participation in community activities; have various lifestyles of families depending on the life stage. And making it becomes possible is our company’s wish.


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