Dream for future

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ジャパン・テクノ メンバー

When people of the same dream are group together, team spirits are born. No matter how hard the job is, you can still do it with smile. Everyone independently does the job with the same purpose to work for other people.

We built the company for `engineer`
It all started from there
The reason remains the same, we still treasure that principle. We nurture our engineers in this environmentジャパン・テクノ メンバー

Time has passed but the principle never changes. In such environment, engineers are steadily growing. High technical skilled engineers help teach new engineers. Then those new engineers will guide the engineer of a next generation again. When we realized, everyone has already become highly skilled engineers.

When you realized, your boss just gave you a big project to work on. You start working as a team to work on the project using your skill. It is a trial and error process. You must challenge without the fear of failure.

result, the project is successful, everyone accomplish that one task.

Customers are full of smiles and team spirits of employees is further deepening.
The success of that one project makes the world become more convenient.

Repeating such cycles along with fellows, we aim to contribute to the development of society for the future!


General worker dispatching business authorization [General 23-300761] / Paid employment placement business license [ 23- yu -300 943]
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JP TOWER 21F,1-1-1 Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-shi,
Aichi 450-6321 JAPAN


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Aichi 446-0058 JAPAN

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