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ジャパン・テクノ メンバー

This kind of awareness not only contributes to that of individual personal growth, butalso influences colleagues, including management. Importantly it also leads to good credit and recognition from customers. Another important employee trait is a highly developed social skills. Apart from common elements such as teamwork, enthusiasm, sense of responsibility and a motivation to challenge oneself, having altruistic heart is also an important factor at our company.

The type of people we require in our organaisation-The most significant consideration is they are people with determination. Someone who no matter how many times he or she makes mistakes or fails, will learn from them and move forward. Even if a person is inexperienced, learn from mistakes and day to day operational tasks, and those who inesperienced can make a success.

ジャパン・テクノ メンバー
Our company creates an atmosphere where you will want to voluntarily help your coworkers. For example, "This man is new here, I will help educate him" or "One of my coworker seems a bit down and depressed today, I should ask them if they would like to talk about it". These are the kind of altruistic spirit within employees we encourage. As a part of the plan to make this enviroment spread throughout our company, we often schedule regular social gatherings to strengthen our relationship among employees.


General worker dispatching business authorization [General 23-300761] / Paid employment placement business license [ 23- yu -300 943]
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