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「Electrical and Electronic Design」
Digital / analog circuit design , LSI design , distribution board layout design , sequence control , ladder program , the know-how that has been accumulated from experiences, such as quality management, we try our best to meet the needs of the customers in electrical and electronic sector.


電気電子設計 開発
Electrical and electronic design01
Electrical design
Car parts production equipment sequencer design, Machine tool switchboard layout design
電気電子設計 開発
Electrical and electronic design02
Electronic design
Analog circuit design of the electric tool, Digital circuit design of the inspection equipment for vehicle ECU, ECU circuit design for automobile manufacturers using HV, LSI design ( algorithm development , architectural design , RTL design , layout design , etc.) , Circuit Design wireless communication device, Control circuit design of a printed circuit board, power supply circuit design
electronic design and development03
Test and evaluation, quality management
ECU Electrical properties, Digital household appliances, electrical equipment evaluation of various types of industrial electronic equipment, EMC test operation, Electronic substrate quality control operation


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