participated as the main sponsor in a Futsal showdown

On Sunday, January 15, 2023, Japan Techno participated as the main sponsor in “vs.Team Kaoru Futsal showdown at the top of Aichi prefecture!”.

TeamKaoru(Honorifics omitted, from left) Ume-chan、Ryo Tsujimoto、Keigo(LISEM)、Taka(LISEM)、Shohei(LISEM)、Kaoru Morioka、Makihika、Daimu Yazawa

In the preliminaries, 10 teams (general) are divided into 2 blocks and play league games, and in the finals, the winning team of each block faces Team Kaoru. Former Japan national team member, active F-leaguers, and legends from the soccer and futsal worlds gathered at the venue.

Mr.Takafumi Fukuinishi, former Japan national team member

The venue where the players and spectators came together and the children’s smiles popped was very moving.

Japan Techno will liven up the region through sports and support the future of children.


【ガチ大会】最強チーム組めば賞金阻止できるのか!?/辻本 亮 /Ryo Tsujimoto

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