manager / Tokai branch

Establish a company that can manufacture in-house!


  • former employment:Design and manufacture of molds for automobile engine parts
  • Year of employment:2006
  • Motto:Persistence pays off
  • How I spend my time during holidays:During holidays, my day gets over by relaxing (LOL). I want to try DIY sometime.


Reason why I chose Japan Techno

At the time of the company’s launch, a friend of mine introduced me to the CEO (Watanabe), and I had the opportunity to talk with him over drinks. We hit it off when we first met, and I decided to work for the CEO at Japan techno! After joining Japan Techno, I worked at an automobile parts manufacturer, but I decided to manufacture in-house, and decided to start manufacturing in 2019. We set up a business division. The company started as a Recruitment Agency, but now it has become a company that also engages in manufacturing. I don’t think there are many Recruitment Agencies that manufacture as well as provide contracting and outsourcing services of Human resources.


When do you get a sense of satisfaction or feel worthwhile?

I believe that Japan Techno is a company that is very close to the President of the company. When we launched the manufacturing division, I had a lot of knee-to-knee discussions with the representative. There is a theory that I pushed hard to get his approval (Laughs).

I believe that the Manufacturing Division is supported by the customers with whom we have a long-term relationship through outsourcing and temporary placement of staff, and I am proud of the fact that we are able to absorb and respond to the problems of our customers because of our long and deep relationship with them. Being busy right now is what makes it worthwhile!
I believe that the foundation of the relationship between a company and another company is the relationship between people. I try to be steady and consistent in order to make appropriate proposals from the customer’s point of view. There was a difficult period of time before and after the start-up of the company, but I am happy that we have managed to make it to the present day by repeating the obvious: keep going to customers, get sales order, and do the best we can with the sales order.


What kind of future do I want to draw?

As of now (April 2021), I am the only one in the manufacturing division, so I would like to train people to work with me. However, I have always been responsible for the entire process by myself, so I am not very good at teaching…it is difficult. I want to study and contribute to human resource development.
Also, I am currently mainly engaged in designing, creating, and repairing dies, but I would like to take on the challenge of designing and creating something different in the future.
I would like to tell those who are interested in Japan Techno that it is a company you should definitely join. There are many companies out there, but choose us! Cause we make a difference!