japantechno has lots of network engineer
japantechno has lots of network engineer
japantechno Expand global engineering
japantechno Beginning with mechanical design engineers, machine operators

The future envisioned by Japan Techno
is one in which 'people' are the torchbearers



We value people

We believe that investment in people is the key to developing engineers who work with a high level of professionalism and originality, and that these engineers will lead the development of our company and the whole industry.
Our engineers have a strong sense of professionalism and are always striving to improve their skills to provide the best possible service.



Diversified Business

We not only dispatch engineers to fields such as mechanical and electrical circuit design, production engineering, software development, and IT infrastructure design, construction, operation, and maintenance, but we also provide contract services from mold design and development to manufacturing. We are also engaged in the training of foreign personnel.
Our ability to handle everything from the design stage to actual manufacturing in-house is one of our major strengths.

A diverse workforce

We have a wide range of talented people in a wide range of fields, from mechanical and electrical circuit design and CAD operators to production engineering, quality control and evaluation, and network and server design, construction and operation.
To encourage long-term success, we are also promoting the “local back” concept, in which foreign nationals who have gained experience at our company return to their home countries to work as leaders of overseas offices of mainly Japanese companies.

Unique training that is one rank above the rest

The Tokai branch has instructors for CAD operations, and the Kanto branch has instructors for network and infrastructure training.
You can receive training using the actual equipment and software, before and after you are assigned to a job site to reduce your anxiety before you start working, and we provide an environment where experienced engineers can aim to further improve their skills. The company will also cover the cost of acquiring various qualifications.



Our company has three branches in Tokyo, Aichi and Osaka, to enable us to offer prompt services which matches our customers’ needs.

One-stop service from design to production
Tokai branch

We have a large number of mechanical design engineers and machine operators to serve the major manufacturing market that Japan is well known for.
The Tokai branch also has facilities to provide parts as a manufacturing partner.

Providing Global and Engineering Talent for Manufacturers
Kansai branch

We have a large number of Japanese and foreign engineers (from India, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc.) in the mechanical and electrical fields working for global manufacturers in the Kansai and Kanto regions.
From domestic development to overseas sales engineers, overseas procurement, and technical liaison with overseas companies, we support the development of global supply chains for manufacturers who have supply chains around the world.。

Providing excellent infrastructure engineers
Kanto branch

The Kanto branch is characterized by its large number of network engineers.
We specialize in providing total support in a wide range of areas, from internal infrastructure development to maintenance, by making the most of our connections with domestic telecommunications companies.



Professionals from various departments face variety of problems
and are challenged to find solutions every day.


An Engineer has an environment where you can easily challenge oneself!


A sense of fulfillment in being involved in things that are currently being used


Establish a company that can manufacture in-house!


Value relationships with people in both private as well as your work life.

general affairs

An environment where you get an opportunity to engage with people from different countries and to learn about diverse cultures.