engineer / Tokai Branch

A sense of fulfillment in being involved in things that are currently being used


  • Former employment:Experiment evaluation
  • Year of employment:2006
  • Motto:Cherish human relationships. Interact and engage with a lot of people.
  • How I spend my time during holidays:Pottery, Eating while strolling around.


Reason why I chose Japan Techno

I have known the President of the company(Mr.Watanabe) for a long time, even before Japan Techno was launched (LOL). When asked as to why I joined the company, honestly, I do not have an answer for it (LOL).I think it boils down to one thing: a relationship of trust.

Initially, the number of employees working at the company was in single digits, Now, the number of employees has increased, They have branch office In different prefectures and have also successfully expanded overseas as well! You can imagine my impression towards the company!

Japan Techno has been such a company where our hard work has been appreciated since its founding. An atmosphere where it is easy to express your opinion. Not all opinions are accepted, but if you can think it through and explain it logically, I think it would be accepted in many cases.


When do you get a sense of satisfaction or feel worthwhile?

Currently, I work on the maintenance design of castings for automotive parts, such as modification of existing molds etc. It makes me very happy and rewarding to see running cars with the things I have designed installed in them, and that they are being sold in the world.
As for skills, I believe that if you work hard, you can reach a certain level, and I think human relationships are very important as an engineer.  I always try to be a person who make things easy to say and easy to talk about.
I think I am blessed with human relationships, so there are many happy episodes, I am still in contact with my ex-colleagues and those who helped me when I was really struggling during the Lehman brothers’ bankruptcy.


What kind of future do I want to draw?

I want to become a person who can be involved in the total process from upstream to downstream manufacturing.  I aim to be a person who understands the situation on the ground and communicate well.  As I work with many people,I would like to continue to value human relationships and build relationships that allow us to communicate outside of the workplace.
Japan Techno is a company where the president and employees are very close. If you work hard, you will be appreciated and you can give your opinion. If you want to be involved in manufacturing, please come and join us!