general affairs/Kansai Branch

An environment where you get an opportunity to engage with people from different countries and to learn about diverse cultures.


  • Former employment:Hotel Concierge, Translator
  • Year of employment:2022
  • Motto:“You can do anything you put your mind to.”
  • How I spend my time during holidays:Cycling to various shrines across the city and playing with my cats


Reason why I choose Japan Techno

I am from India and did my MBA at a postgraduate school in India. Many of my friends and acquaintances were going to Europe or the US, but I decided to come to Japan to experience life in Japan, partly because I liked watching Japanese anime. After studying at a Japanese language school, I worked as a front desk staff at a hotel, but I decided to change jobs because I wanted to make use of what I had majored in (MBA). I decided to join Japan Techno because I thought I could learn about diverse cultures and ways of thinking in an environment where I could interact with people from different parts of the world and to work in an environment where there is flexibility in learning new things.
Japan Techno is unique in the sense,that it not only helps in searching for jobs for foreign nationals in Japan, but also helps in finding jobs for people currently living abroad if they have the skills and enthusiasm to work in Japan and provides total support from the procedures for coming to Japan to the stability of living which I think is a feature that only few other companies have.
I am now in charge of providing ongoing support to foreign nationals in all stages starting from pre-employment to post-employment activities.


When do you get a sense of satisfaction or feel worthwhile?

I lived with my family all my life until I left India, so living on my own for the first time was really difficult. It was lonely LOL. I find it rewarding to support foreign nationals who have similar feelings and are going through the same struggles. I can relate to many of them.
I enjoy the job because I get to know a lot of people, so I can absorb many different things as culture, experience and knowledge. Unlike other jobs I have experienced in the past, it is interesting to build relationships over a long, long period of time. If I can take the time to understand people’s feelings and concerns and deal with them smoothly, I think I can grow as a person.


what kind of future do I want to draw?

I want to get used to my job as soon as possible and also be able to learn the technical terminologies so that I can perform my supporting duties smoothly. There are still many aspects I don’t understand, so I would like to gain more experience and become a reliable person.
Since coming to Japan, there have been countless times when I thought about going back home (laughs).  When the thoughts recur, I remember this phrase that was introduced to by co-worker when I used to work as a part- timer and I repeat it in my head to regain my confidence「石に立つ矢」when translated to English it means that never give up cause you felt a certain way or cause its difficult; always keep moving forward and you will succeed.
Those of you who are thinking about joining the company now, let’s work hard together in achieving your dreams and let’s not forget that believing in your hard work will not be in vain!