Engineer/Kanto Branch

Value relationships with people in both private as well as your work life.


  • former employment:manufacturer’s system integrator and SE
  • Year of employment:2019
  • Motto:Seeing is better than hearing.、To see is to believe.
  • How I spend my time during holiday:Coaching Boys Soccer team, playing outdoors with with Kids.


Reason why I choose Japan Techno

While looking for a job, I was looking for a place where I could commute easily from home and where the job description and location matched my preferences.
The reason for joining the company was the personality of the Interviewer. I felt this person would care about my well-being and has a need for my skillset at the workplace which made me decide to choose Japan Techno. I believe that if you have a good relationship with colleagues at work, you will be able to continue working and to be motivated.
Even after joining the company, my impression hasn’t changed so far. I think this is an open-minded company from the top to the bottom of the hierarchy.


When do you get a sense of satisfaction or feel worthwhile?

The interesting part of my job is working with a lot of people to create something. I don’t think any specialist can work alone. The most rewarding moments are the moments when customers and colleagues say “Thank you” to me. When a problem is resolved, or when a question and consultation has been attended to, people say “thank you” or “you were very helpful”, This motivates me which is one of the few things I love about my Job.
At work, I value relationships with people. I feel like we are destined to work with certain people and by supporting one another and cooperating helps us achieve good results and maintain good corporate relationships.


what kind of future do I want to draw?

It will be my 20th year in this Industry next year. My goal as an engineer is to convey the know-how that I have cultivated so far to new engineers and my colleagues and have them feel a sense of accomplishment and happiness while working.
In my private life, I am a coach for a soccer club, so I want to develop professional soccer players.
I think Japan Techno is a company where you can enjoy both work and private life, so please join us at Japan Techno and make your dreams come true!