Engineer/Tokai Branch

An Engineer has an environment where you can easily challenge oneself!


  • former employment:Server Engineer
  • Year of employment:2007
  • Motto:Try first.
  • How I spend my time during holidays:solo camp, Hot spring trip with my wife


Reason why I choose Japan Techno

I’m from Kanagawa Prefecture, and my previous job was as a server engineer. The IT industry requires new technologies, skills, and products in a short span of time, and I enjoyed it. But I decided to change jobs because I wanted to create things, something in automobile and which has a longer development span which made me change my job.
I got acquainted with the Chairman (Mr.Watanabe) while job hunting, and decided to move to Nagoya and join Japan Techno. The Chairman is someone who has the power to notice the essential charm of our employees and to promote it to our customers, so I decided to follow him.
Right now, I’m working on building production equipment at an auto parts manufacturer.


When do you get a sense of satisfaction or feel worthwhile?

I believe that my work in the manufacture of automotive parts is a job that is directly related to human life. I want to make good products, and to do so, I want to put my abilities to the test and keep learning new things and catching up. In a word, it is a job that I never get tired of. I believe it is my dream job.
I am an engineer, but at my actual workplace, I am often involved in internal coordination and negotiation. It is very interesting to think about how to involve the people around me and make things go well together, and it is rewarding when things go well on site. There are fights as well (Laughs) It is interesting to work with so many people with different visions and personalities.


What kind of future do I want to draw?

I would like to continue working in the automotive industry. I would like to make automobile manufacturing equipment smarter and promote the use of IOT and ICT. In fact, even at my current workplace, my big goal is to make the equipment smarter than it is. I also want to continue studying to acquire and accumulate new knowledge.
For those who are interested in joining Japan Techno, I myself enjoy my work very much, and if you can become one of us, we can have fun together! I would like to tell all of you that I enjoy my job very much.
Japan Techno is a company that creates an environment where engineers can easily hit themselves. Let’s work together to fulfill the desires of engineers to “want to do this” and “want to do this”.